Mike Roberts, former COO and president of McDonald’s, has launched a new sustainable fast food restaurant chain in Palo Alto, CA, with other franchises located in Culver City and Tarzana.  The eatery, called LYFE (or “Love Your Food Everyday”) aims to build a more healthy brand of fast food, combining natural ingredients with sustainable business practices.  The LYFE Kitchen website states:

Great food can do amazing things. It can make you feel better. It can support local farms. Promote sustainability. Reward environmentally sound businesses. Give back to the community. And, best of all, it will make you savor every single bite.

As mentioned on NCAS Online, LYFE’s menu features multiple options for a wide variety of food preferences, including vegan and gluten-free items, and each dish is fewer than 600 calories and contains under 1000 mg of sodium, though most are much less than that.  The menu was created and consulted under Art Smith and vegan chef Tal Ronnen, and its dishes are made with locally sourced ingredients.  A full list of ingredients is readily available on this menu, along with calorie, sodium, and nut allergy information.  Some examples of items found on the menu include flatbread sandwiches, coffee & tea, wine, soups, appetizers, and a kids menu.

So just what is LYFE?  As CNBC reports, it’s a grocery and restaurant concept dreamed up by two former McDonald’s executives that seeks to break the code of how to provide healthy food on the go that tastes good and is also good for you.

“The #1 thing to us, and what sets us apart, is our relentless focus on taste.” Stephen Sidwell, founder and CEO of Lyfe’s grocery division, told CNBC.  “If we make our food taste better than unhealthy alternatives, it’s really easy to make the right choice.  Sidwell goes on to state that the goal is to have LYFE’s products in over 6,000 stores by the end of September of this year.  “Pretty much every major grocery store across the country will be carrying our products.”  LYFE products are currently available on Amazon by way of two 15-meal variety packs, though it is not all vegan.

The question is now: Can the face of fast food be changed?  Will the concept of LYFE Kitchen take off?

 Image credit: kennejima/Flickr