Coming this June, you’ll be able to enjoy 100-percent plant-based bacon chips, aptly named PIG OUT. Created by Outstanding Foods, the new brand was founded by David Anderson, who was one of the co-founders of food technology company JUST (formerly Hampton Creek) and a former chef at plant-based company Beyond Meat. Anderson partnered with serial entrepreneur Bill Glaser to create their premier product. The bacon-flavored snack is made out of a proprietary blend of mushrooms and spices that are processed through patent-pending technology.

“We want to make it easier for everyone to eat more plant-based foods, not because they are being preached at or judged but because they taste incredible… We’re not asking anyone to give anything up because bacon chips don’t exist right now. It’s something new, and it [tastes] just like crispy, crunchy bacon,” Glaser told Food Navigator


Outstanding Foods raised $1.5 million from the first wave of investors, including vegan celebrities, Daniella Monet and Emily Deschanel. PIG OUT chips will hit the market around June of 2018 and will be available online on Outstanding Foods’ website first, then Thrive Market, and later roll out in brick and mortar stores.

While PIG OUT isn’t being marketed as a health food option, the chips contain more fiber and protein when compared to bacon-flavored corn or potato chips, according to Food Navigator. A bag will cost $4.99 and can be enjoyed solo or on a burger! 

You could also enjoy a PIG OUT maple donut — the possibilities are endless! “We wanted to be a Millennial-oriented brand that attracts attention on shelf, that playful and fun, and cool, inclusive and attractive,” said Glaser


Outstanding Foods doesn’t plan on stopping with the PIG OUT chips. The vegan company is set to develop a series of products. Considering how the overall demand for plant-based foods is up 140 percent, PIG OUT will be a huge hit with consumers who are looking for a healthier and sustainable alternative!


For more information on Outstanding Foods, check out their website.

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Image Source: Outstanding Foods/Facebook