How do you win at Instagram? Avocados. For the foodie, it can be especially frustrating to see that something so simple as a halved avocado can easily outperform over-the-top photos of food like vegan loaded tatertotchos (that’s loaded tater tot nachos — thank you, Champs Diner) and decadent vegan doughnuts.

As perplexing as it can be, we would be lying if we said we didn’t get it. Avocados are pretty much a daily staple in our diets – and now, thanks to a new restaurant in Brooklyn, we may never have to mash up an avocado and spread it over toasted bread again. Avocaderia, the self-proclaimed “world’s first avocado bar,” will take care of all the work for us.


The shop, which is nestled inside the Food Hall at Industry City, a six-million-square-foot collection of warehouse structures in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Avocaderia was founded by Italian trio Francesco, Alberto, and Alessandro. The menu boasts a variety toast inspired by global flavors like pico de gallo from Mexico.

The menu, which was developed by Alberto, boasts a variety toast inspired by global flavors like pico de gallo from Mexico, shichimi togarashi from Japan, and dukkah – an Egyptian spice blend made from nuts and warm spices. But it’s more than just toast — you’ll also find smoothies, bowls, and salads, all featuring organic avocado.

According to Francesco, the concept for the restaurant was developed a few years ago after he moved to Mexico and fell in love with avocados: “Avocados in Mexico were delicious and widely used in many different dishes. Suddenly I was having avocado every day: I loved the healthy and tasty characteristic of this super fruit.”

At Avocaderia, you’ll find plant-based options like “Let It Beet,” an avocado toast with beet hummus, arugula, and seeds.

But it’s not all about toast. You can also pick up an “Avo-Smoothie,” made with mango, banana, almond milk, and agave.  Trust us, avocado makes any smoothie instantly creamy — like, omg.


And where would any avocado bar be without some guac? Tell us. We’ll wait for an answer.

An avocado bar might seem ridiculous as a concept, but the crew behind it knows how to make their menu special. Pictured below is the “Shichimi Toast,” sprinkled with a Japanese spice blend.

…Leeet’s get a little closer. Oh, yeah. That’s the stuff.




According to the crew, Alberto is committed to using as many fresh, raw ingredients as possible and only organic avocados sourced from a farm Michoacán, Mexico. The restauranteurs claim to be “respectful of the environment and the rights of their employees” who harvest the avocados. He also utilizes a cooking technique called sous vide, which involves cooking vacuum-sealed food in water that has been heated to the food’s normal roasting temperature.

We’re definitely ready to try some next-level avocado toast. But speaking of toast, you can find plenty of ways to step up your fancy toast breakfast game by downloading the Food Monster App (available for both iPhone and Android). Not only does it have unique and creative toast ideas, it has over 8,000 vegan recipes to choose from. Give it a go!

All image source: Avocaderia