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You’ll love the story of how these adorable chicks came to live the sweet life! Though more and more awareness is being made about the plight of animals on factory farms, which is great news, a lot of people are looking for ways to give animals a better life … but not taking into account that the animal will still be killed at the end of their “better” treatment. For example, one family decided to raise their own backyard chicks for meat. Luckily for these chicks, they were spared from slaughter, thanks to a family member who saw them as more than a future meal. Not only did he cancel plans to slaughter the chicks, he even became a vegetarian. Talk about a change of heart!

Now, the group of seven girls and four boys live at the Northern California Shelter, Farm Sanctuary where they were named after characters from the movie, “The Office.”

The chickens love spending their day’s dust bathing, running to greet people at the gate, eating and drinking, and hanging out in the shade of their hutch when the sun is a-blazing.

Look at little Miss Creed, one of the more outgoing gals in the group. She shares her hutch with her other female flock members along with a rooster and two lady turkeys. Reportedly, Creed is usually the first one up in the morning excited to start a new day!

Creed has no shame when it comes to making sure she gets her fair portion of breakfast! She jumps right into the food trough!



Thanks to the compassion of one family and the dedication of all the folks at Farm Sanctuary, Creed, and her farm friends have enjoyed the happiness that all farm animals deserve.

To learn more about Farm Sanctuary click here.

All Image Source: Animals of Farm Sanctuary