Angel was brought to the attention of Rescue Dogs Rock by a shelter that had her in their care for over three weeks. We don’t know why she was left in the condition that she was or how she came to be in the shelter in the first place, but all that matters now is that Angel gets the medical attention and love that she so desperately needs.

Rescue Dogs Rock found Angel lying on a germ-infested, filthy concrete floor with not even a blanket to protect her from the cold. She was fiercely emaciated, and as a result, lethargic, so weak that she couldn’t even lift her head up. Her eyes were leaking pus.


Angel went to Rescue Dogs Rocks’ vet hospital, and they discovered she had an upper respiratory infection on top of everything else, which they believed was distemper. The thought that she sat rotting in the shelter for three weeks deteriorating into an even worse state is utterly heartbreaking.

Here is this beautiful little girl taking a much-needed nap on a soft, cushioned floor. Angel was hooked up to medication, and it toook a lot of hard work to help her recover.

Angel is a sweet little girl who deserves a second chance in life. She was barely three months old when this happened; we have to show her that life is not as cruel as she has experienced. Get well soon, Angel, there is a forever home waiting for you.


Shelters are bursting at the seams with unwanted pets, and there are so many animals who face being put to sleep because there just isn’t the capacity to keep them. This is why it is so crucial that we change our ways and always adopt dogs rather than buying them from stores.

The team at Rescue Dogs Rock is truly made of pet saviors, working tirelessly to save abused and at-risk dogs from kill shelters and provide vetting and loving homes to animals in need like Angel. If you are looking to adopt a pet or can help with vital donations to keep this essential work going, please get in contact.

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