Did you have a nanny growing up? A person who treated and cared for you like their own child? If you did, bet you didn’t have an elephant as your nanny! But this little baby elephant does — in fact, she’s got several to watch out for her at bath time in the river at Elephant Nature Park!

Sometimes parents need a little help throughout the day with youngsters, and animals are no different. As seen in this video, elephants show their caring nature and protective instincts toward a baby elephant’s well-being while out in one of nature’s elements.

From doing what they can to save a drowning offspring to pulling a baby from sinking into the mud, elephants are gentle giants full of strength and bright with intelligence. Need some visual proof? Watch as one of the nanny elephants moves in to try to protect the baby from the force of the strong river waters during bath time!

Image source: Steve Wilson/Flickr