As we learn more about the emotional lives of elephants, all it really takes is a simple observation to see that these beautiful giants are in fact very intelligent and emotional beings. As a species, the news about elephants hasn’t been too positive lately with increased poaching and even threats from palm oil. However, the tide may be turning in favor of these giants as changes have begun to occur across the world including a U.S. ban on ivory sales.

The video below shows a moment of panic among an elephant herd as a baby elephant gets stuck in the mud and begins to scream. Luckily, the baby elephant has a very caring mother, which is common among the matriarchy of the elephant social world.

What’s interesting about this video is the concern all the elephants have for the one baby. They gather around the screaming elephant to see if they can help out but the mother elephant has it all covered as she saves her baby from the mud.