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Animal babies can be the cutest little (and big) things! Whether furry, feathery, scaly, or even slimy, these mini animals are synonymous with the words “adorable” and “awww.” Although some may be cuter than others, some animals that you might not typically associate with being adorable can be just as cute — like Ruby, an orphaned flying fox bat.

At OGP, we’ve always highlighted the most adorable baby animals out there. However, many of these animals are orphaned as a result of human activity, like deforestation and poaching. While it’s sad to see so many babies being orphaned, it’s great to see organizations out there who are combating this growing problem. Elephants are a species that are currently being threatened by human action.

Fortunately, organizations like David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, are rescuing these scared and confused orphans whenever they can — like in the case of this stubborn baby elephant who refused to leave his dead mother’s side and this baby elephant who was rescued from a human-animal conflict!

Nonetheless, these orphans seem to muster through the tough times in their early years and live life happily. Case in point: Faa Mai, a rescued baby elephant falling asleep to a gentle lullaby in Thailand’s Elephant Nature Park.

Other times, lucky baby elephants still do have their mothers by their side. In this case, it’s a real treat when we get to catch cute baby moments on camera, without harming these precious beauties. Watch as this cute baby elephant charges the observers in this video and this baby elephant startling himself with his own sneeze!

For more cuteness, check out these 5 GIFs we can’t stop watching:

 Nothing’s better than splashing in a big puddle…

…besides mud baths, of course!

Eating is the next best thing. I eat all day…

…play the tough guy…

…eat some more, until I start rubbing my eyes…

…and take a much-needed nap with mom!


Image source: Follix/Wikimedia Commons