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Animal documentaries have some of the most close-up and beautiful images of wild animals anyone ever sees. However, to get these shots a photographer or videographer has to invade the animals’ space. So, it can be funny when the animals show the observer the same courtesy.

While filming the documentary, “The Adventures of the Penguin King,”  on the British island of South Georgia, located between Argentina and Antarctica, some elephant seals decided to remind the crew who’s turf they were on.

After a day of filming up some elephant seals, the crew returned to camp to find some unexpected guests. A number of elephant seals had found their way to the cameraman’s orange tent. Perhaps they just trying to wait inside to get out of the cold, but being the giant seals they are, they found the tent made a better mattress pad than shelter!

The tent’s owner took it all in good fun, laughing and calling them “you monkeys.”

The video’s just another friendly reminder that animals are as curious of us as we are of them and distance is an important aspect of observation. Fortunately, this event was comical and no humans or seals were hurt in the process, although the seals seem to scatter like kids with their hands caught in the cookie jar…maybe it was their fun way of getting back at the guys for staring at them all day.