It’s not every day that a dog becomes a hero. But then again, Snickers, is a very special dog. The one-year-old Shar Pei mix saved her human family when a fire broke out in their home. Snickers alerted the youngest boy in the house to the smoke, who then woke the rest of his relatives. Incredibly, thanks to Snickers, everyone made it out of the house unharmed. Sadly, though, having lost their home, the family was forced to move and Snickers was left behind at Glen Rose Animal Control.

The loving dog had been in the shelter for a month. With only limited space, the Glen Rose facility would soon have to put Snickers on the euthanasia list. This incredible hero was nearing death, all because no one wanted her. Thankfully, Loretta Adams, an Animal Control officer at the shelter couldn’t bear to see that happen.

She contacted a local news station to share this brave girl’s story:

It worked! Snickers was adopted shortly after the news clip aired. The shelter said that she now has lots of room to run and a 10-year old girl to play with. The family was so excited to adopt Snickers, that the immediately went out and bought her new toys.

Her family posted  on the shelter’s Facebook page, explaining how happy they are to have Snickers in their lives. They said that she is “so sweet, fun and soft to hug. She fit in right away and ran, played and fetched for well over an hour before she slowed up. And then only a little bit. We are very happy with her. She’s happy too.”

We are so thrilled that Snickers has been given the chance at life she deserves. However, there are so many dogs, who are awaiting their forever homes, like Snickers. You can be a hero for these animals by always adopting a pet instead of buying one.