Nano is a six-month-old puppy who was once loved by a human family. Like many other pets, he was brought into a family’s home as a gift for an eager little girl. The child was delighted by her new toy but quickly lost interest. Soon, Nano was moved outside to the backyard, where he was fed, but not looked after properly. Eventually, he began wandering the streets, until the inevitable happened and he was hit by a car.

When his family found him, instead of taking Nano to an animal hospital and surrounding him with love, they betrayed this poor fellow again and took him to a nearby animal shelter where he was abandoned on a cold floor, unable to move anything but his tail. Thankfully, the kind people at the shelter were willing to give this downtrodden pup the love and care he deserved.

Currently, Nano is need of extensive reconstructive surgery, if he ever hopes to walk again. Unfortunately, operations like these are very expensive, which is why the shelter has turned to the He’Art of Rescue for help. The He’Art of rescue is a life-saving organization that provides assistance rescuing Turkey’s many special needs animals. Without their help, dogs like Nano would not have anywhere else to go.

If you would like to help Nano and others like him get the lifesaving treatments that they deserve, you may donate through their website by clicking here.