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According to a post on Imgur, a police officer was responding to a call at a local animal shelter when his supervisor pointed out a box of puppies someone had left at the shelter’s door the night before.  “You know Vader needs a baby brother,” the supervisor said, referring to the officer’s four-year-old Pit Bull terrier.  The little pup was left with nine other puppies on the shelter’s back stoop in the freezing weather.

Those puppies were just a few of the 7.6 million animals who enter shelters each year in the U.S. When the officer saw the little fur babies, he just couldn’t resist their sweet faces and picked one up for a cuddle.

“So I get to hold him and he immediately curls up in my arms,” he wrote. Judging by this adorable photo of the moment caught on film, we have to say, we’re not quite sure who’s happier … the dog or the officer! It’s clear this pair is in complete bliss.

Can’t contain the happiness!

Naturally, the officer couldn’t let this little one stay in the shelter. Now named Kylo, this adorable pup leads a happy life with the cop and his girlfriend.

Thinking about bringing a furry companion into your life? Be sure to adopt, not shop so that you can help little ones like Kylo find the forever homes they deserve!

Featured image source: Imgur