Pet homelessness is a big problem. There are more than 70 million homeless cats and dogs in the U.S. alone. Sadly, many of these sweet animals are left on the streets to fend for themselves, or end up in shelters where they can only hope to be adopted. Luckily, there are some very caring people out there who take it upon themselves to help these animals in need. That’s exactly what happened when a woman found a litter of puppies taking shelter in a sewer drain.

She immediately gathered up the puppies and began a campaign to help find each and every one of them a home. In a happy ending, each one of the pups found a loving home within a week and lucky for us, one of their new parents took to Imgur to share the story.

When a litter of puppies was found in a sewer drain, a good samaritan stepped in to help find them all homes.

Seeing a post about the pups on Facebook, a kind woman took the most scared one home.

The first stop was to the vet for a visit, but a little rest and relaxation in the car was due.

One year later, this pup is one happy camper.

And he loves his mom and doggy siblings.

Like, really loves her.

Just think, this pup was once sleeping in a concrete drain instead of a bed.

Oh yea, beds are the best.

With so many helpless dogs and cats out there, we’re so glad there are incredible people willing to given them a warm, loving home. Thinking about making a furry companion a part of your family? Always remember to adopt, not shop and visit your local shelter to bring a little furbaby into your life.

 All image source: junathan86/Imgr