Humane Society International (HSI) recently helped shut down a dog meat farm in Goyang, South Korea unlike any other they had seen in their fight against the dog meat trade.

While most dog meat farms keep dogs outdoors, the 55 dogs found at this South Korean farm were in a musty labyrinth-like basement with no light or fresh air. The stench of ammonia was overpowering and the dogs were frightened at the sight of humans. However, once these lovable animals realized HSI was there to save them, they would not leave their rescuer’s sides.

Despite only knowing fear and neglect from humans, Bonnie, the sweet hound depicted in the above video, proves just how gentle the souls of these dogs are. Thanks to HSI, Bonnie and the dozens of other dogs at the farm will be on their way to the U.S. where they will be adopted to forever homes.

It is estimated 30 million dogs are killed annually in Asia for the dog meat trade. There are bans against the practice in Hong Kong, the Philippines, Taiwan, Singapore, and Thailand, but the fight is far from over.

Humane Society International is on the front line fighting to end the dog meat trade, and they are asking each of us to help donate to the cause. Please visit HSI’s website if you would like to learn more and contribute to their mission.