As if the threat of commercial fishing weren’t bad enough, marine animals are often subjected to another looming danger: ghost nets. These are lost or discarded fishing nets that are left to float in the ocean. But just because there isn’t a fishing boat behind the nets doesn’t mean they can’t still cause harm to animals.

This video shows what happens when a ghost net makes its way into the path of a Ridley Sea Turtle. The turtle’s front and back fins were badly entangled in the netting. She would have died if this dolphin observation team hadn’t found her. Luckily, our turtle friend wasn’t badly injured by the net and swam off into the deep after a brief inspection.

Although this turtle was caught in a ghost fishing net, thousands of others are put in harms way as a result of everyday plastic trash. Everything from water bottles to plastic bags and even microscopic plastic microbeads pose a threat to marine species. We can all do our part by cutting back on plastic and finding new ways to save the oceans through our own actions