Over a two month period, DoSomething.org’s Fed Up campaign asked students across the nation to submit pictures of their school lunches. Over 7,000 pictures were submitted, and more than 25,000 people voted on whether the students should eat the lunch – or just throw it away!

According to Fed Up, the goal was to generate a report on the “real state of school lunch” across the nation that would be distributed to school districts and school nutrition advocates. The aim of the report will be to have it used “as a tool to make a case for better school lunches.”

Judging from recent One Green Planet stories, the real state of school lunches means things like possible pink slime contamination and that Ritz Crackers are a grain…but, beyond that crazy talk, let’s take a look at some of the submissions from Fed Up.

These are supposed to be nachos. Um, the picture sort of says it all. This definitely looks like one heaping pile of disgusting cheese and tomato sauce. How about real nachos with whole grain chips and actual vegetables, guys?

Fish sticks –  on a tortilla? There is more than one thing wrong with this picture, but let’s start with the fact that tacos should be loaded up with fresh veggies – not just a highly-processed and breaded meat.

You can see the oil dripping off this potato – add the covering of bacon and heavy cheese, and way to get kids started on the path to heart disease, schools! Sheesh. Let’s rethink this dish — how about a baked potato dashed with some olive oil, a smidge of salt, and loaded up with good-for-kids veggies? Now, doesn’t that sound much better? (And it would certainly look better, too!)

This plate has nothing green on it. Even the apple sauce looks fake. C’mon, people!

It’s great to see some “veggies” on this place in the form of sweet potato fries, but they are obviously highly-processed and fried. We should encourage schools to serve fries that can actually be healthy like baked fries or home fries.

These are just a few of the thousands of images submitted to Fed Up – to see all of them, just click here. Already feeling fed up with what we feed the nation’s children? Write or call your local representative and tell them these images make you sick, and urge them to ask schools to make a switch to healthier meals.