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It’s time for your daily “what the !@#?”  moment, Green Monsters.

A mother with two children in an early learning and child care program in Manitoba, a Canadian province, was slapped with a $10 fine because she packed an “unbalanced” meal of leftover homemade roast beef and potatoes, carrots, an orange and milk.

What was missing? The “grains.” So, in order to recoup the missing grain, the lunch was “supplemented” with Ritz Crackers. Nope: not kidding!

Kristen Bartkiw, the mother fined for the “grain” absence, explains that she feels that if she had sent lunches with “microwave Kraft Dinner and a hot dog, a package of fruit twists, a Cheestring, and a juice box,” there would not have been a problem. But, her homemade food needed a “supplement” of some of the most processed stuff on earth.

Following recent news that another mother was banned from packing her children’s own school lunches without a doctor’s note, this news may or may not come as a surprise – but, there is a common bottom line question here: when did schools become the sole decider of what kids consume during lunch hours?