The story begins and happily ends with the family of Imgur user provinciallife, who posted a set of photos to both Imgur and Reddit showing a rescue that would never have happened had it not been for the kind and observant eyes of her father.

According to provinciallife, her dad came home after work one day recently, saying that he had discovered a styrofoam box on the side of an empty road with a furry surprise inside. Together, they went back to the road to check out the scene and bring the box and all inside home with them.


Find out what provinciallife and her dad found in the box …

Driving to the styrofoam box revealed…

…a road empty of life“No houses. No traffic,” writes provinciallife.

Unless her father had been driving by, no one probably would have discovered the styrofoam box just off the side of the road.

Because, as you can see, it blended in with the white snow, and to some, could have simply looked like a piece of trash wedged between tree branches.

Thankfully, provinciallife’s father dared to get closer and saw that some bowls of food had been set out inside.

Taking a closer look, he found that there was a kitten in pretty bad shape crouched down in the box, trying to stay warm in the frigid winter weather. As provinciallife writes, he was found caked in feces, smelling of urine and with “gunk around his eyes and nose.”

But upon better inspection, there was not one, but two kittens inside!

The decision was a no-brainer — they had to bring the two kittens home with them, because how could anyone leave these adorable fur balls outside?

Once inside and warm, provinciallife reports that if they tried to separate them for even just a moment, they would meow and meow until they were reunited — terrified of being without the other.

Thankfully, they’ll never have to be separated as provinciallife and her father have decided to keep the kittens together, adopting them officially into their home, where they can enjoy all the warmth, love, and food they’ll ever need!

Since the kittens’ rescue, provinciallife’s family has taken them to the vet to get them checked-out and to fill prescriptions for antibiotics, probiotics, painkillers, and a dewormer medication. The family has also named the kittens Cash and Tango.

Both cats will require vaccinations and will need to get neutered. Cash may even need to get his tail amputated, and so he and Tango will be back at the vet soon to see what additional medical care will be needed. However, overall, the kittens are “doing fantastic,” writes provinciallife, saying that “they’ve both really bounced back.”

What wonderful news to end 2013! A Happy New Year to Cash, Tango, provinciallife, and her father!


If anyone would like to help pay for the kittens’ vaccinations and Cash’s tail amputation, provinciallife asks that donations be sent via PayPal to strader35 [at] yahoo [dot] com. Any leftover money will be given to a local no-kill shelter.

All images: provinciallife / Imgur