Welcome, Seattle Food Tech to the plant-based meat scene! Launched in 2017, Seattle Food Tech has already raised $1 million in seed round investments, led by Fifty Years. Blue Horizon also made a contribution to the round. And here’s the really exciting part: Seattle Food Tech hopes to produce plant-based meat that is priced comparably to traditional meat!

The company’s first product is a “chicken” nugget made of textured wheat, oil, chicken flavoring, cornstarch, and corn breading. Christie Lagally, the former senior scientist at the Good Food Insitute, is working to develop specialized machines for plant-based meat production, with the goal to industrialize the plant-based meat industry. She believes that this ability to produce plant-based meats to scale is what will set Seattle Food Tech apart from the competition.


“The level of industrial automation in the conventional meat industry is cutting edge,” Ela Madej, Founding Partner at Fifty Years told One Green Planet. “In order for the healthier and more sustainable plant-based meats to compete on both quality and price, similar levels of automation need to exist for plant-based meat processing. Seattle Food Tech is building that infrastructure while also producing healthy, frozen product for the cost-sensitive foodservice market.”

Once Seattle Food Tech is able to scale up their production capacity, Lagally hopes to have their “chicken” nuggets in schools and hospital dining halls by the winter of 2018. “Fundamentally we can’t replace meat if it’s not convenient, good tasting, priced well, and widely available,” said Lagally. Seattle Food Tech poses to be a game-changer and a much-needed one at that. Factory farming is killing our planet due to air pollution, deforestation, and carbon emissions, just to name a few. Thanks to innovative companies such as Seattle Food Tech, we are seeing our broken food system change here and now to a more sustainable, plant-based model!

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Image Source: Seattle Food Tech