Getting the chance to see an elephant up close and personal in the circus is something that many animal lovers dream of doing. Sadly, however, many don’t realize the enormous amount of cruelty that happens behind the scenes at circuses. While elephants are extremely intelligent animals, the feats that they perform in these spectacles are never done at the elephant’s own will. These animals are broken down and ruthlessly trained to perform unnatural behaviors at the behest of their owners, usually this is accomplished through starvation, physical abuse and other cruel methods.

There are many reasons why elephants don’t belong in the circus, but this video is ultimate proof to this fact. When the elephant falls to the ground, not only do his trainers rush to right the animal, but the other elephants in the show also come to lend a hand. These elephants demonstrate their deep ability to feel compassion for one another and their swift action just goes to show that these complex animals have no business being reduced to spectacles for human entertainment.

We can all help elephants by boycotting circuses and zoos that hold them in captivity for profit. Elephants belong in the wild, not on display for the sake of people.