Circuses might advertise themselves as all fun and games, but that’s just not the case for the animals involved. On top of cruel training practices, the very spotlights of the show can be harmful to the performing animals.

This elephant, named Lucky, was blinded by those spotlights. Fortunately for her, she was rescued by Save the Elephants. She is now free to live and socialize with the other elephants at Elephant Nature Park in Mae Tang, Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. In the video, you can see her being greeted by all the other elephants in the nature park. They comfort her and reassure her that she has come to a good place. She is finally in elephant paradise.

Many other elephants and other circus animals are not so lucky as Lucky, however. The one simple we can do to save them all is boycott circuses that use wild animals, and encourage others to do the same.