When you’re not feeling well, there is nothing that can drag you out of the dumps like your pet. Cats and dogs have the incredible ability to tell when their guardians need a little extra care and attention and they are always more than happy to lend a helpful paw. We’ve seen dogs pet their people and cats embrace their humans for hours. These stories all touched our hearts and reminded us just how special the connection between humans and animals is.

This story of a man and his cat certainly fits this bill. After getting into a bad accident while on a scooter, Reddit user, Truth_Bomb, was left with a number of broken bones and as a result was confined to a wheelchair for up to six weeks. The entire experience was undoubtedly painful and traumatic for Truth_Bomb, but he has been able to stay positive in part thanks to his doting cat.


Truth_Bomb writes on Reddit, “Since I’ve come home from the hospital, he’s rarely left my side.”

Pets can aid in the recovery process by providing comfort, improving mood and even combatting stress and depression. Sounds like a lot of work, but this kitty makes it look effortless.

When his guardian gets a break from the brace, this cat is sure to make sure nothing happens to it. We wonder if he meows reminders for when it needs to go back on?

Truth_Bomb is looking to move to a new apartment that is wheelchair accessible. Looks like his cat has no intention of being left out of this move!

We wish Truth_Bomb the best of luck with his recovery, but we’re sure his little cat buddy will make sure the process is filled with cuddles and smiles.

All image source: Reddit