This upcoming summer, cult celebrity chef Chloe Coscarelli is returning to her Los Angeles roots and bringing her fabulous vegan eats with her. Coscarelli and co-founder, Samantha Wasser, will be partnering with Whole Foods to open up the fourth location of their tremendously popular vegan eatery by CHLOE.

The merger will conjoin the all-vegan restaurant with the company’s Silver Lake location under the supermarket’s new plan to trim costs and square footage by partnering with existing food brands. In addition to strategic partnerships, the Silver Lake location, like many other smaller Whole Foods markets, will rely more on the company’s “365 by Whole Foods” grocery store concept, which entails stocking the location primarily with the company’s in-house brand.

Despite the smaller market size, we think Silver Lake foodies will be excited about this new collaboration. By CHLOE.’s fast-casual menu includes comfort food favorites like mac and cheese and pesto pasta, as well as unique veggie burgers, pancakes for brunch, and a wide variety of cold-pressed juices. Whole Foods visitors will have the option of enjoying Chloe’s plant-based dishes in a separate dining area, with other shoppers in the supermarket’s communal dining area, or within the comfort of their own home. Having the popular, vegan restaurant within the actual supermarket is sure to drive business for both parties involved.

Considering the proximity of Moby’s chic location, Little Pine, as well as other vegan-centric restaurants, by CHLOE. is sure to make a killer debut this summer. This merger may be a predictor of more vegan and vegetarian fare to come to the L.A city. If Silver Lakers continue upping the demand for plant-based food, companies will continue taking notice and acting on it!
Image Source: By CHLOE./Facebook