This is Panda. When Panda was only five months old, someone did a terrible thing to him. He was being housed at a high school housing facility for the Future Farmers of America, when someone broke in. This cruel person set fire to Panda, burning him over 50 percent of his body!

Naturally the community of Paso Robles was outraged when they learned of this cruel deed. They rallied behind the calf and donated enough money to cover over half of the medical bills required to get him back on his feet.

But despite this, the teenager raising him for the Future Farmers of America still intended to lead Panda to slaughter at the auction.

Panda was lucky enough to be saved again, however, when Animal Place offered to take him in. Now, Panda has a wonderful forever home. Even after all this time, Panda’s burns are still healing. His ears have been burned off and he may have vision problems for the rest of his life. But at least he is surrounded by loving and kind people, the way he deserves to be.

Let’s all give a round of applause to Animal Place for giving him what he needs!