Love is love; it doesn’t matter what species you are, it exists just the same. Just like Milkshake and her human mom, Beth DeCaprio!

Milkshake was rescued by DeCaprio when she was only two weeks old. Milkshake was living in terrible conditions, kept in a 10×10 pen that she would not likely have escaped from if not for DeCaprio. As we know, cows are some of the most mistreated animals in the agriculture industry. Despite their intelligence and emotional complexity, cows are viewed as commodities and consequently abused.

After being rescued, Milkshake has turned into a bit of an internet star. Proving that cows have the same capacity to love and work their way into your hearts as cats and dogs, to DeCaprio, Milkshake is just like any other pet…except for the fact that she’s just a tad heavier. Milkshake follows DeCaprio all around the ranch at The Grace Foundation, as you’ll see in the video, and her bright personality shows she is certainly a someone, not a something.