Ninety-six baby chicks destined for slaughter were heroically saved by the Santuario Gaia team in Spain. Known as broiler chickens, these adorable animals were in the process of being fattened up for meat.  The term “broilers” refers to chickens who have been genetically selected to grow so fast, that within as little as forty days, they’re big enough to be sold at market. In the team’s Facebook post, they explain that while the chick’s bodies are the adult-sized, they still “chirp like babies.”

Thanks to the hard work of Santuario Gaia, these chicks will get to learn what it means to be chickens!

The team put the chicks in cardboard boxes and brought them to safety. Unfortunately, some of these chicks have severe deformities and will need to undergo surgery and rehabilitation. Thankfully they’re in the care of Santuario Gaia! 

We’re so happy these chickens will finally have a chance at freedom and happiness.

We are so glad that these 96 little ones will get the chance to experience a happy life in the sanctuary and never have to worry about being exploited by humans. To follow these chicks on their road to recovery, follow Santuario Gaia’s Facebook page.