A bill that will officially ban the use of animals for cosmetic testing has been passed by Congress in Brazil, making the ban the legal law of the land! Brazil is the next country to follow India in signing out the cruel practice of using animals to test cosmetic products. The country is making a HUGE splash in the international push to ban this cruel practice.

Thanks to the hard work of Cruelty International campaigners, yet another country has listened to scientific logic and ditched the use of animals in favor of alternative technologies. It has long been established that testing cosmetics on animals is both unnecessary and harmful for both humans and the animals involved. Beauty does not need to require the pain of innocent animals, which is why we could not be more thrilled to report this new ban!


The bill will come into action in 90 days, so look out for overjoyed rabbits hopping down the streets of São Paulo! This incredible piece of legislation was passed after long negotiations between the bill’s sponsor, Representative Ricardo Izar (PSD-SP), Cruelty Free International’s Brazilian Campaign Manager Dr. Frank Alarcon, and government officials, including the major testing and validation authorities.

Woohoo! Another country hops on the cruelty-free train…so who will be next to take this groundbreaking plunge? United States…I’m looking at you! This is a trend just waiting to go viral. When we know so much about how we can improve our testing practices by ending animal tests, this is a no-brainer.