It’s amazing the difference a year can make when looking at these incredible before and after photos of Fawn, a dairy cow, who was injured at birth. When Fawn was born, her mother was chained and confined to a small, concrete milking stall where she could not turn around or even sit down. Because of these restraints, Fawn’s mother was forced to give birth standing up.  Sadly, Fawn landed on concrete, in the corner manure pit located behind her mother’s stall and fractured one of her front legs. The farmer who raised her gave her away to a family. As Fawn grew up, she hobbled around on just three limbs, but after about a year, her healthy front leg could no longer compensate for the weight of her growing body and Fawn began to walk on her front knees, causing injuries to both legs.

Fawn began walking on her knees when her healthy front leg began to weaken from months of compensating for the weight of her growing body.




When Fawn was 16 months old, the family realized that they couldn’t provide the level of medical care Fawn needed and made a call to Woodstock Farm Sanctuary.  Woodstock was able to bring Fawn to a veterinarian, who was able to conduct the intense surgery she needed to get her legs back into working order.

Fawn had an operation on her front leg to reset a broken bone and a second operation to repair the damage that had been caused to her other front leg that had been strained. 

Her gentle nature made the vet staff fall in love with her. 

Fawn was fitted with leg braces to help her walk again.

Lots of love and neck scratches made the recovery much easier.

Fawn today is almost all grown up, and so are her legs.

We love happy endings.




If it wasn’t for the kind people at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, Fawn would not be here today. Although she will need care and attention for the rest of her life, we are confident that she is in the best hands possible. Every farm animal deserves the love and protection that Fawn has been given.

Fawn’s medical bills totaled $16,000 but you can help Woodstock ensure she gets all the continued help she needs by making a donation, here. If you are interested in volunteering at Woodstock you can visit their website, here.


Image source: Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary