If you’ve ever adopted a dog from your local shelter, you already know how much joy, love, and laughter they can bring to your home. Not only do dogs provide many stress-relieving benefits, but adopting an animal really means saving a life. There is truly something special about the bond between humans and their pups – but what is perhaps even more incredible is when two rescued pups share a bond with one another … and their human has a flare for photography. Just take these rescued buds, for example.

Envy is a nine-year-old white Border Collie and Zain is a three-year-old black Border Collie. The two dogs were strangers until Kelly Bove rescued them – now, they are best friends.


Kelly rescued Envy after he had been re-homed several times. Zain came from a Border Collie rescue organization called Glen Highland Farm, located in New York. Zain experienced a similar fate as Envy, having been bounced around three different homes before he turned 14 months old. But the two pups never have to worry about that ever again. Not only are the two incredibly photogenic, they love playing model for the camera.

Paws up! Envy and Zain are two Border Collies who are now inseparable after being rescued. 

The duo just can’t stop hugging each other… and we can’t stop enjoying their cuteness! 

They play hide and go seek together…


… and even take baths together! 

Envy and Zain also love to cuddle in bed together!

The pair is the definition of friendship goals. 

Cuteness overload! Envy and Zain love to give each other hugs. 


Like true friends, Envy and Zain will keep each other warm when it’s chilly out.

How do we squeeze ourselves into this cozy blanket for dog snuggles?


We hope Santa Paws brings Envy and Zain lots of treats and belly rubs this year! 


For more Envy and Zain cuteness, follow them on Instagram. And please remember to always adopt, never shop for your next furry best friend! You may rescue the next Envy and Zain from your local shelter.

Image Source: kelly_bove/Instagram