Communication is essential to a lasting relationship. Talking is a great addition to social interaction, leaving notes when you’re in a hurry shows you care, and a hug or kiss says I love you. But what if you are a dog? How would you communicate your needs and wants? As a dog, you would just have to do your best to get your point across, which means barking!

Dogs sounding like harbor seals, gremlins, wind-up toys, grumbling strangely while sleeping, or simply being plain ole’ weirdos — watch as these silly dogs attempt to communicate who-knows-what to their humans with some appearing a bit frustrated as their person laughs at how cute they are being!

If you have dogs, turn up the volume and watch for and listen to their reactions to all the funny barking, howling…and the other unidentifiable dog sounds. My chiweenie Dobby had a field day trying to figure out what the heck was going on with the dogs in the video and my other two beasts just sat wide-eyed!

Image source: m01229/Flickr