There is so much that we can learn about what it means to be resilient and determined from animals. It seems like we see a new story of an animal going against all the odds to overcome a debilitating illness or injury, proving that animals should never be underestimated.

Bonsai the Bulldog puppy is certainly one of these incredibly inspirational animals. Little Bonsai was born in April 2015 with multiple developmental deformities. His caretakers explains on Facebook, “He is afflicted with Caudal Regression (sacral agenesis) and Sacrocaudal Dysgenesis – likely combined with a variation of Spina Bifida. In layman’s terms, Bonsai was born with only half of his spine, no pelvis and with tiny contracted hind legs.”


Despite this very serious prognosis, Bonsai is set on living life like any other puppy … and based on the Facebook page that Friends of Emma Rescue Shelter has created for him, he is succeeding!

Meet bouncing baby, Bonsai!

His appearance might be different from your standard Bulldog – but inside he’s just a regular, happy pup.

He is really learning the ropes of what it means to live with humans. Here he is acting as his caretaker’s alarm clock. How would they know when it’s breakfast time without him!

“What? Do I have something on my face?”

Bonsai is being kept at the rescue as a critical care resident as he recovers from surgery to amputate his non-functioning back legs. 

The good new is, he has lots of friends to keep him company at the shelter!

This little pup is getting special physical therapy to help strengthen his legs so they no longer splay to the side, causing him to put pressure on his internal organs. He’s absolutely loving it! 

“And streeeeeeetch!”

Friends of Emma wants to show the world that there is nothing that animals can’t overcome if they’re given the chance by sharing Bonsai’s story with the world.

With his amazing personality and fighting spirit, we have a feeling nothing will get this little guy down.

Check out Bonsai in action:



Friends of Emma have launched a YouCaring page to help raise funds for Bonsai’s care. You can make a donation to help this little guy continue on his blazing trail to recovery by clicking here.