Here at One Green Planet, we love all animals regardless of color. Whether it’s a pink pig, green turtle, blue whale, purple fish, brown dog, or black cat, we believe all animals deserve love, respect, and affection. Unfortunately, not everyone shares the same compassionate view and will discriminate against dogs and cats that are black. Fueled by superstition, many people refuse to adopt black cats under the belief that these harmless animals are “bad luck.” Yes, this still happens today. It happens so often, in fact, that there are organizations that actually specialize in finding homes for dark furred felines and sometimes shelters will even offer discounts for black cats.

Thankfully, there are people in existence who don’t let something as insignificant as the color of an animal’s fur deter them from giving a deserving creature a place in their home. Nicole Rienzie, for instance, is a woman who stumbled upon a stray black cat while driving with her mother on Long Island. As many stray cats do, this little one darted in front of Nicole’s car, and it is only by pure miracle that she didn’t end up hitting the kitty. In fact, Nicole considered the incident serendipitous, since she had been going through a bit of a rough patch and was in need of some sweet unconditional love from a furry companion. Rienzie decided to bring the cat home, name him Monk, and consider it a two-way adoption.


There is something extra special about Monk, though. Not only is he a gorgeous shade of black, but he has long vampire-like teeth! Considering his unique appearance, it’s no surprise that Rienzie decided to share some photos of her new fur baby on Instagram. Well, with 28,000 followers and counting, we think it’s safe to say that people are loving Monk, black fur and all!

Meet Monk. The vampire-toothed kitty who has wiggled his way into the world’s heart. 

Monk may look a little different, but judging by his photos, he’s just like any other rambunctious cat. 

He has a fascination with bags … 


… enjoys his scratch post quite a bit …

… chews on all sorts of strange things … 

… knows the value of a good nap … 

… sometimes chills in drawers …  

… and is very confused when his guardian puts him in a carrier. 

Monk is very lucky and even gets to hang out with another cat – his brother, Bean! 

We think it’s safe to say that his favorite friend to hang out with, though, is his savior, Nicole. 



As Monk proves, black cats deserve just as much love as any other animal. They are affectionate, lovable creatures that simply want to live and they don’t deserve to wait around listlessly in a shelter for weeks, months, or years on end, just because of the color of their fur. If you agree that black cats deserve forever homes just as much as any other animal, share this article to spread awareness!


All image source: monkandbean/Instagram