black cat_2

Black cats have gotten a bad rap over the years because of long-held superstitions. The main one being that when a black cat crosses your path, it’s a sign that death is coming your way.

These superstitions and others are of course completely false, yet have nonetheless created a widespread fear of black cats.

There is nothing to fear though!

Black cats are wonderful companions and deserve your love and a fair chance.

Check out five good reasons why you shouldn’t be afraid of these dark-furred felines below!

1. They are loving companions.

love cat

2. They’re all about the leisure life.

relaxing cat

3. They protect your belongings.

protector cat

4. You’ll always win at hide-and-seek, and they’ll love you anyways.

hiding cat

5. They’re adorable.

cute cat

Looking to give a forever home to a black kitty? Find one through Black Cat Rescue or at your local shelter!

Image source: Pedro Ribeiro Simoes / Flickr