Shelters just can’t put their finger on it, but black cats and dogs often seem to be some of the last animals to get adopted in shelters. Some say they aren’t represented well through photographs, or perhaps they just don’t “stand out” as much as others. To combat this issue, Best Friends Animal Society has been promoting the month of November as “Back in Black,” with many shelters around the country discounting adoption fees for their black animals.

Inge Fricke, director of sheltering and pet care issues for the Humane Society of the United States in Washington, D.C., told USA Today that black dogs and cats being overlooked in shelters “is not a hoax. There is definitely anecdotal evidence. There haven’t been any definitive studies to absolutely prove that the phenomenon exists but it is something commonly accepted by shelter workers as truth.”

The campaign seems to be working, and positive responses abound from shelters.

Stray Cat Adoptions of Texas provided the following feedback via, “The event really worked without much effort. We just so happened to have several litters of all black kittens at the time which was very timely. Event was great success for us and we will look forward to Back in Black 3.”

Now in its third year, over 175 animal groups are participating in the Back In Black campaign. The Best Friends Animal Society website breaks it down by state and type of special offered. If you’re thinking of adding a new friend to your family, check it out and spread the word!

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Image Credit: Flickr User pmarkham