When Saza the elephant first arrived at the Elephant Nature Park, rescuers said she looked like a “ghost.” Her ribs were showing and her body was weak. This was completely understandable considering she had been forced to work every day of her life providing rides for tourists in an elephant camp. Thankfully, Saza was given a new life by her rescuers and she now enjoys days that are filled with plenty of grass, corn, and treats to fill her up. These incredible before and after photos show what a difference one year of freedom can make

Saza arrived at  Elephant Nature Park emaciated, frail and bruised. Her body had been weak from life as a working elephant.

One year later, Saza is a new elephant! She is healthy, happy and loving her new life at the sanctuary.

Saza shows us all the pain and suffering that working elephants endure. You can help elephants like Saza by never supporting a facility that uses elephants for entertainment, allows people to ride them, or keeps them in captivity.


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All image source: Elephant Nature Park/Facebook