In the beginning of 2015, Wildlife SOS set out to free all of India’s retired circus elephants. So far, this amazing organization has rescued one elephant, Suzy, from her dismal life in decrepit roadside spectacle and they just successfully added four more elephants to the pack!

Called the “Nut Herd,” the four elephants, Peanut, Coconut, Mac and Wally, were saved from Moonlight Circus in Maharashtra, India. This infamous circus recently made headlines after its owner and several employees were arrested on charges of rape and human trafficking. Unsurprisingly, the circus is also known for their excessive cruelty to animals.

The four elephants were kept in shackles at all times – even during performances. Outside of shows, they were not allowed any time to exercise or socialize. To make matters worse, they were fed a diet completely unfit for an elephant and deprived of proper medical care. There is no denying that this was a miserable existence for these four elephants.


But thanks to Wildlife SOS’s rescue team, all this suffering is behind them now!

“After evaluating the health conditions of Moonlight Circus elephants in August 2014, the elephants in this circus were a priority as they were in terrible distress,” said Geeta Seshamani co-founder Wildlife SOS in a press release.

Since this initial evaluation, Wildlife SOS has been working to raise funds to make their rescue mission possible. Once they reached their goal, the team immediately set the rescue plan into motion. Now the Nut Herd is on their way to Wildlife SOS Elephant Rescue Center where they will receive all the veterinary care they need, a nutritious diet, companionship, and everything they need to have a healthy future.


Wildlife SOS set out to save 67 elephants at the beginning of this year and now only have 62 more to go. At this rate, the other elephants will be on their way to a happy, healthy future in no time!

We can’t wait to see how the Nut Herd adjusts to their new lives at the Wildlife SOS Elephant Sanctuary – good luck, Coconut, Peanut, Mac and Wally!

Wildlife SOS has launched a fundraiser to help cover the rehabilitation and lifetime care costs for the Nut Herd. You can help keep these four happy elephants in fresh fruit and toys by clicking here.