It isn’t just us humans who suffer from PTSD, this is a difficulty often faced by animals as well! A little Beagle named Scarlett is one of those sufferers. She is about to be honored with an award for Inspirational Animal of the Year as part of The Mirror’s Animal Hero Awards, for her courage following a horrific experience in a European toxicology lab.

What Scarlet experienced during her two terrifying years as a laboratory dog we can’t know for certain, since it is a condition that this information stays private if the labs free the animals instead of killing them. Scarlet is still traumatized from whatever she went through, and since her rescue back in 2016, she still shows behavior that says she remembers that awful time in her life.


But now, with the loving support of her adopters Janie and Phil Green, Scarlet is doing her bit to help free other animals who have faced the same ordeal as the proud figurehead and ambassador of For Life On Earth (FLOE). She has a fierce friend and fan in actor Ricky Gervais, who is calling for a public scientific debate on claims that animal testing is still a necessary practice when so many feel that it isn’t.

The Mirror’s Animal Hero Awards will be hosted by Amanda Holden and attended by many celebrity guests, including Simon Cowell and Brian May. Holden said, “Our winners’ stories fill you with hope. Whether inspirational animals, charity workers or lifelong campaigners, they all make you realize the wonderful bond between people and animals.”

Ricky Gervais and Peter Egan, founder of FLOE, introduced Scarlet as their ambassador back in March. Ricky said, “Meeting Scarlett and sensing her painful past will stay with me forever. Like all dogs, she is incredibly gentle with a heart of gold, but the horrors of two years in a toxicology laboratory are etched in her eyes and body language.”

Ricky Gervais has long been a voice for the voiceless, encouraging others to speak up for animals like Scarlet who can’t speak for themselves. We are sure he will be looking on proudly as Scarlet accepts her award at the Mirror’s Animal Hero Awards! Here is to all former laboratory dogs here struggling with PTSD, finally living their best lives!


Image Source: Scarlet, Beagle Ambassador for FLOE