As the summer solstice quickly approaches, so does the beginning of the disturbing and cruel Yulin Dog Festival. The annual lychee and dog meat eating festival takes place in China’s Guangxi district and has been protested for years by animal lovers, animal rights organizations, and even big-name celebrities across the globe. One of the most vocal celebrities is long-time animal advocate Ricky Gervais, who recently spoke candidly in a Facebook video about the heartbreaking event.

As Gervais pointed out, this event isn’t just about eating dogs, it’s about everything involved in the entire process. Not only are many of the dog’s stolen pets, they are crammed like sardines into tiny cages and transported for days without food or water in the blistering heat. Sadly, that is only the beginning of what’s to come for these poor souls.


Dogs and other animals are tortured in the most unimaginable ways because of the belief that the adrenaline created by stress and fear improves the taste. This twisted festival lasts for 10 days and more than 10,000 innocent dogs will be sentenced to this heartbreaking fate. Huge thanks to Ricky for posting such a heartfelt video to spread the word about this horrible event.

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