Growing up with a dog as a best friend is one of the best experiences that a child can have. Not only do studies prove that kids who grow up with pets have a higher immune system, are more sociable, and overall more compassionate towards animals, but kids who have pets also get the added perks of getting a life-long BFF.

Pet best friends fill a special role that just can’t be mirrored by a human bestie. Pets are always patient, they love you unconditionally, and they’re pretty good with teaching you all you need to know about navigating this big, scary world. Just take Laura and her best friend Charlie the Beagle for example.


Charlie plays a super important role in Laura’s life and has made it his mission to help her human parents ensure that little Laura grows up happy and healthy.

We like to think that when we adopt a dog, it’s our job to raise them … but based on these two, we get the feeling that Charlie is the one doing the raising.

Charlie and Laura do everything together – see, he’s even learning to tie shoes so he can lend a hand! 

A best friend is always good for snuggles. 

Hey, we could all use a push sometimes.

“Okay, Charlie, I’m going to pretend to look away and you take care of the peas!”

Dogs are more than just pets, they’re family! 

 Check out this adorable video to see this pair in action:



For more from Laura and Charlie, check out them out on Instagram, here.


All image source: charlie_the_beagle_and_laura_o/Instagram