How many times have you heard someone say that they can ONLY drink bottled water because it’s cleaner, safer, has a better taste, blah blah? I have heard people chat about it at the dog park (yes, I eavesdrop on hooman conversations). I have no clue who leaked this rumor, but they seriously Kim Kardashian-ed plastic water bottles (who knows why she’s so famous either..). Welp, for all the peeps out there who still hold fast to the belief that tap water is like the peasant version of beverages … I have some news for you.

The cool, crisp Aquafina water you’ve been buying … is less mountain stream and more Mount Public Water Source that also comes from your tap.

Let that sink in for a moment …


Basically, you’ve all been elaborately tricked into thinking that you’re paying extra for better “quality” water, when we could really just get it for free. Hahaha, so the water in my water bowl (yes, I drink from a water bowl, you got a problem with that?) is the same as the water you plastic bottle toting hooomans drink! Rats-a-million! If you all had known this, you might have thought about not buying all those throw away plastic bottles and maybe saved 10 billion gallons worth of plastic bottles from ending up in the oceans.

But that’s cool because going for a dip in the Water-Bottle-Garbage-Graveyard (formerly known as The Ocean) is a real hoot-and-a-half!