Dipor is a 50-year-old Asian elephant with a broken leg and a broken hip who, despite her injuries, has worked in Thailand’s logging industry for her entire life. This industry can be very dangerous for elephants. Often, they are injured by falling trees, or they hurt themselves trying to maneuver among the stumps and splinters. Many times babies who follow their mothers to work get injured, only to end up having to work with lifelong injuries. With very few laws regulating the industry, these working elephants are at the mercy of their human handlers. This ongoing cycle of cruelty is why the good work being done at Elephant Nature Park is so important.

Elephant Nature Park is a rescue organization that provides a permanent home for many of Thailand’s injured and abused elephants. Their tireless staff works all over Thailand, putting together complicated rescue missions like the one featured in this video.

Although rescuing elephants is often an expensive and difficult task, it is well worth it knowing that the animals who come to live at the sanctuary will be able to enjoy new lives, without the chains, pain, and hard work that they have endured for too long.

If you would like to learn more about Elephant Nature Park and their mission, visit their website here.