Asian elephants, like their African cousins, are in serious trouble. Deforestation and poaching have taken a serious toll on their populations and in much of Asia, wild elephants are a rare sight.  There are many elephants living as “domestic” animals who were captured from the wild and forced to work in tourism and the illegal logging trade. Needless to say, this is hardly the kind of life that an elephant deserves. But luckily, Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary is working to put an end to this exploitation by rescuing elephants from these abusive situations and giving them the chance at a second life. At the sanctuary, elephants are never expected to entertain guests or haul heavy objects, rather they are free to roam and live life as nature intended.

Elephants are extremely social animals, so when they get the chance to live amongst others in the freedom of the sanctuary, it is always an incredible treat. Just look at how Boon Lott’s newest arrival Permpoon reacts to meeting the rescued herd!

This gentle old girl was rescued from the logging industry. Despite injuries on her head and legs, she seemed eager to meet the other resident elephants.

This group of female elephants are lovingly referred to as the “gossip girls.” Elephants live in matriarchal societies, so when Boon Thong, one of the gossip girls “leaders” extended her trunk to Permpoon, it was a sure sign that she’d fit in just fine!

Permpoon was so pleased to meet her new friends!


In no time at all, Permpoon and Boon Thong hit it off.

Soon they were standing next to each other, purring and grazing, enjoying the day.

Like people, elephants form deep bonds with their friends and family. Although Permpoon may have experienced horrible trauma in her former life, there is no doubt that with her new friends by her side, that all will soon be a distant memory



To learn more about Boon Lott’s and the amazing work they do rescuing elephants, check out their website here.

All image source: Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary/Facebook