Farm animals are rarely given the love and respect that they deserve. Despite the fact that these animals are just as intelligent as cats and dogs and are equally capable of feeling emotions, they are marginalized and treated as “commodities” in our society. Viewing these animals as somethings rather than someones is a common mechanism used to justify the horrors they’re subjected to in the animal agriculture industry. But, when you strip away this false view of farm animals and see them as individuals, you’ll find that they are incredible creatures that deserve so much more than this sort of life.

Thankfully, the kind people at Edgar’s Mission not only recognize this about farm animals, but they are also actively working to get others to see this too!  They’ve saved countless animals from abuse and have given us some amazing stories of animal liberation including one of the cutest special needs animals we’ve ever seen, Pixie!

Now, Edgar’s Mission is celebrating the arrival of a new pig named Snuffles!

Snuffles is a cuddly and loving piglet with an affectionate demeanor and a golden heart. She downright adores people!

This sweet piglet was initially purchased as a gift for a couple who quickly grew bored of her and shuttled her off to a shelter. She stayed there for a while and no one knew what was gonna happen to her.

Luckily Edgar’s Mission stepped in before she could end up with who-knows-who doing who-knows-what. Three cheers for Pam Ahern (pictured below) and the staff of Edgar’s Mission for saving another animal in need!

Snuffles is still adjusting to her new home which is unsurprising seeing as how she bounced from one home to another over the course of a few weeks. But she’s growing big, strong, and healthy now.

It’s obvious why she’s named “Snuffles” from the second you meet her…

This little cutie makes friends everywhere she goes, so it’s no surprise that she now has a bovine companion!

The two spend a ton of time together. We’re glad that these two have a chance to get to know what it feels like to have a best friend.

Many people think that buying a teacup pig is a great way to show their unique personality … but the reality is there is no such thing as a teacup pig – only baby pot-bellies who will eventually grow to weigh at least 200 pounds. Rather than going for pig-parenthood, consider sponsoring a piggie at your favorite farm sanctuary. To learn more about sponsoring one of Edgar’s piggies, click here.

All image source: Edgar’s Mission