We here at One Green Planet believe that every dog is a treasure. They’re kind, loyal, dedicated, and they can even babysit to an extent! But every day we hear more and more stories of dogs being cast out into the harsh streets to fend for themselves. We’re glad to see that a good portion of these stories have happy endings like this one!

This is Tyson. He was found roaming around his current family’s neighborhood. Isn’t he a sweetie?

Tyson was still subjected to unfair Pit Bull stigma despite his kind eyes and good looks. Neighbors shooed him away and children cried when he got too close. But when his future mom saw him snuffling around her yard it was love at first sight. 

She brought him to the shelter to get checked out. Sadly, the news wasn’t good. He had a urinary tract infection and broken teeth ( possibly from chewing on a fence or leash). The worst part? He was microchipped! This meant that Tyson already had an owner that was supposed to be looking after him.

This kind woman wasn’t ready to give up though, she waited 10 long days in order for Tyson to be legally rehomed. She visited him every day to assure him that he was loved.

After the 10 day period, he was finally able to come home! He was pretty on edge

…especially around the other animals.

But as you can see that quickly went away!

He now has his own pack…

…and he’s learned to trust again.

He gets to go on plenty of road trips.

Safety first of course!

Tyson has a beautiful family that anyone would be proud of!

We’re so happy that Tyson and his new mom got their happy ending. This sweet story just goes to show that with a little love and determination, anything is possible!


All image source: Imgur