The Salvation Army charity organization has opened the U.S.’s first non-profit grocery chain with their new grocery store, DMG Foods.

The Baltimore grocery store seeks to encourage healthy eating for lower-income families, offering additional coupons to those who are shopping SNAP benefits. The store reportedly aims to double the amount of food SNAP recipients can get with their benefits.


Named for the Salvation Army’s mission of “Doing the Most Good,” Salvation Army area commander Gene Hogg told the Shelby Report that the goal of DMG Foods would be to “present a sustainable model that engages the community in order for them to eat healthier, smarter, cheaper and all of that.”

DMG Foods seeks to provide a venue for healthy food in a northeast Baltimore area that is underserved by traditional grocery stores, according to GrubStreet.

“Our basic target would be the people who live across the street and over in areas where they don’t have transportation, or they have to get on a bus because they can’t go to the local store. Well, they can, but it’s more expensive for them,” said Hogg.


DMG Foods features ready-made meals and salads through a partnership with the Maryland Food Bank. It also has its own house brand called Best Yet.

The store will also feature a development program to help employees at the store to improve their customer service skills. Along with workshops and cooking demonstrations to educate shoppers about healthy eating.

The Salvation Army has plans to roll out DMG Foods locations in other food deserts around the country.

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