Meet your new morning ritual. If you feel disoriented or sluggish when you wake up in the morning, there could be multiple causes. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what the body needs during these circumstances. For one, you just spent at least six to eight hours asleep without consumption of liquid or physical movement. The body needs to adjust, and settle into the new day. Each day deserves a clean slate, so why not create this for yourself the natural way? You can start your day with success by creating the habit of drinking warm water with a freshly squeezed lemon each morning! You will feel refreshed and hydrated, cleanse your digestion, boost your immunity, detox your liver, and boost your energy!

1. Wake Up Hydrated

We have all heard by now that getting enough water throughout the day is essential. So, why is it so hard to consume the recommended “eight glasses per day?” Life is busy, and sometimes we need a little flavor to get us going. By adding warm lemon water to your morning routine, not only are you getting in that extra glass of water, but you are starting your day with a flavorful beverage–without any artificial sweeteners!

You will instantly feel refreshed, and your skin will glow due to the high antioxidant level found in lemon juice. Proper hydration is important to maintain bodily functions. If you want to get even more serious about your hydration, use these fun hydration tips to get the ball rolling!

2. Cleanse Your Digestion

Many people tend to skip breakfast, a.k.a the most important meal of the day. This can be due to a lack of appetite upon waking up. By drinking a cup of warm lemon water first thing in the morning, your system will be cleansed of indigestion symptoms that may have developed over the past hours from a meal the night before. This will help regulate your digestive tract, and relieve any gastritis symptoms. Once the soothing warm water goes through you, you will be hungry for breakfast in no time! Check out these cleansing tips to achieve extra clarity for a fresh start to your day!

3. Boost Your Immunity

Lemons contain high amounts of vitamin C, which can protect the body from harmful illnesses. Vitamin C helps produce white blood cells to protect your immune system. When you build up your immunity level, it will not be easy for your body to catch certain illnesses.

Need more immune-boosting ideas? Check out this turmeric lemonade! Tumeric naturally fights inflammation and benefits the skin by creating an overall glow. Not only will you feel refreshed and light on the inside, but you’ll look refreshed on the outside as well!

4. Detox Your Liver

Lemons naturally contain acidic qualities that help eliminate harmful bacteria and food build-up within the digestion tract. Our livers help filter out unwanted organisms in our bodies. Lemon juice helps the liver flush out toxins found in the body, and it’s a natural healer in itself! One way to re-set your system is by adding in some activated charcoal with an optional sweetener such as maple syrup or stevia. The charcoal works to trap the toxins in your body, causing the body to eliminate them naturally. Try out this activated charcoal smoothie bowl for a healthy treat!

Browse through these natural healing remedies for more liver detox ideas.

5. Boost Your Energy

Move over coffee, this is a job for lemon water! Lemon juice naturally speeds up the metabolism, causing an instant energy jolt to the body. Not to mention, cleanses out our systems more effectively. Other caffeinated stimulants often dehydrate the body and can slow down the digestive tract. Lemon water provides clean energy for our bodies, and the zesty zingy flavor helps perk up our appetite and mood! The warmth from the water is very soothing and creates a calmness within the body. The citrus flavor provides the bolt of alertness and focus for you to take on your day!

Lemons should always be an essential part of your grocery shopping list. These citrus cuties have amazing purifying benefits for your internal and external health. Check out ways you can use lemon for your body care routine.

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