Since everything you put on your skin is essentially getting absorbed, I have recently been more and more interested in chemical and fragrance-free makeup. Now I promise I am not going total hippie on you and I still plan on wearing mascara, but I have been experimenting with a few natural beauty DIYs.  Some have been giant ugly disasters and others have been so amazing that I have actually been using them daily in place of my normal makeup.

One of my recent favorites has been beet root powder blush.  It’s the simplest beauty DIY and takes only seconds to whip up.  The bright pink is beyond perfect for a little splash of color.  Plus you can customize how light or dark you want, which makes this even better.

What You Will Need:

  • A tbs of beet root powder *
  • Arrowroot powder
  • A small container with a lid to store your blush
* You can find beet root powder in bulk at your local natural grocery store (Whole Foods, Sprouts etc…) or online here.


1. Place the beet root powder in a small container.

DIY 2 Ingredient Beet Blush


2. Mix in a small amount of arrowroot powder until you have reached the desired lightness of your blush. I only used a very small amount since I prefer more of a vibrant shade.

DIY 2 Ingredient Beet Blush


3. Place your blush into a small container with a lid and store out of the sunlight.

DIY 2 Ingredient Beet Blush


4. Wear just like you would normal blush.

Since this is all natural and contains no preservatives, make only enough to last you two weeks and then discard and make more! :)