Hair oiling. It may be a new trend to hit the West, but hair oiling has deep roots in India as a ritual practice to both enhance the health of your hair and as a cultural way of connectivity. Plus, hair oiling is used in Ayurvedic medicine and relies on Ayurvedic oils.

So, what is hair oiling? Simply put, it’s the practice of “pouring oil onto hair and massaging it into the scalp to increase moisture, luster, and shine.” Yet, it’s not all about looks. Hair oiling has also been found to “provide vitamins and minerals that get stripped from frequent washing,” and may even help reduce hair loss.


Of course, it’s not as simple as wetting your hair with oil. In fact, the science behind hair oiling speaks to the way in which the oil is applied. The most traditional application technique is done by applying the oil directly to the scalp, massaging the majority into the scalp, and then applying the remainder to the rest of your hair. On top of that, it’s best to wrap your hair overnight and then do a thorough shampoo the following day.

So, what does science say? First off, it’s been found that hair oiling may help fight “hygral fatigue, or the swelling and drying of hair” by protecting the “follicle from surfactants by filling the gap between cuticle cells.” Massaging oil directly into the scalp actually exfoliates the skin and keeps the hair from falling out. Also, oils have “fatty acids that help replace lipids in the hair” that are stripped from the hair due to “chemical treatments, styling, or even pollution.”

You can also thank those lovely lipids for giving your hair extra shine, gloss, and pizazz! Not all hair oils are created for all scalps or with the loving, nurturing ingredients you would desire. Therefore, it’s worth it to do a little research, get to know your scalp, and make sure to go with naturally derived oils such as coconut, sesame, almond, jaborandi, argan, moringa, amla, or a combination.

When it comes to choosing the right type for your hair, it may be helpful to use the Ayurvedic tradition to define your hair needs: vata (wind), pitta (fire), and kapha (water and earth). For instance, those with high vata will have thin, frizzy, and dry hair. Those with high pitta may have a “mix of oily and dry hair.” Those with high kapha may have “oily, thick, long, and curly hair.”


Once you’ve decided on your specific type of hair and the type of oil, all you have to do is find a great product from a trustworthy brand! Here are a few to get you started.

1. By jaha Company Ancient Ayurvedic Herbal Hair Therapy Oil

By jaha Company Ancient Ayurvedic Herbal Hair Therapy Oil

By jaha Company Ancient Ayurvedic Herbal Hair Therapy Oil/


If you’re getting into hair oiling for the Ayurvedic aspect, then it’s pretty much spelled out in the name with this one! This By jaha Company Ancient Ayurvedic Herbal Hair Therapy Oil contains a traditional pure Ayurvedic herbal formula that is free of fragrance and artificial coloring. This hair oil is not only excellent for balancing the pH of your hair, but it also seeks to help with growth (or re-growth), helps control eczema and psoriasis, relieves stress, and even alleviates headaches. This oil can be used for hot oil scalp massage too! One bottle costs $25.00.

Lisa Jeffery says “I love all of the products from Jaha Company! The hair oil, eyebrow growth serum, and eyelash conditioner are wonderful! I have seen amazing results in the condition of my hair with consistent use of the hair oil. My eyebrows are much fuller and lashes are longer! People often ask if I am wearing eyelashes. I recommend these products to all my family and friends! Be patient….the products are made of natural herbs. If you consistently use the products, you will see amazing results in 2-3 months.”


2. Hanz de Fuko Vegan Hair and Beard Oil

Hanz de Fuko Vegan Hair and Beard Oil

Hanz de Fuko Vegan Hair and Beard Oil/

This Hanz de Fuko Vegan Hair and Beard Oil is designed for pretty much any type of hair from the neck up! This hair oil is 100 percent vegan, lightweight, and contains a balanced ratio of four essential oils including jojoba oil, grapeseed extract, vitamin E oil, and argan oil. Along with nourishing and conditioning, this oil will minimize dandruff, smooth frizz, enhance the strength of hair follicles, increase elasticity, boost shine, and helps to promote thicker hair via new hair growth. A 50-milliliter bottle costs $23.00.

Eugenia says “This oil is presented as grooming oil for men’s beard. I have used argan oil in the past on my skin and I see wonderful results. My skin is moisturized and there are less wrinkles around my face. I typically use it at night or when I know that I will be at home because once oil is applied on a face it is not recommendable you put on makeup on top of it. I love that I can easily control how much oil I want to use. I have been applying this oil on my neck and chest to keep that tender skin area moisturized.”

3. PURA D’OR Organic Moroccan Argan Oil

PURA D'OR Organic Moroccan Argan Oil

PURA D’OR Organic Moroccan Argan Oil/

This PURA D’OR Organic Moroccan Argan Oil is a great daily hair oil to protect against common toxins — such as pollution and sun exposure — while also infusing your hair with antioxidants. With a base of argan oil, you’ll get superior moisture and infused vitamins that tame frizz, strengthens brittle hair, and helps balance oil production on the scalp. Furthermore, this oil can be used on your hair, face, and all over your body and it seeks to reduce redness, alleviate skin irritation, and it even has anti-aging properties! A 4-ounce bottle costs $12.99.

Jeanne Gilmore says “Just loved, loved, loved what your product did for both my hair & skin. First, it gave the curl back to my hair and made it alive and shiny again Plus no more frizz. YAY! It also moisturized my facial skin to the point that the wrinkles on my cheeks disappeared. All I can say is WOW! I’m a 68-year-old woman and found this Pura d’or argan oil (GOLD) absolutely amazing. Thank you Pura d’or.”


4. Dabur Amla Hair Oil

Dabur Amla Hair Oil

Dabur Amla Hair Oil/

This Dabur Amla Hair Oil is pure tradition! Made from a base of Amla Berry oil — also called Indian Gooseberry — this hair oil is dripping with hair-boosting antioxidants. Using the power of the Amla Berry, this hair oil moisturizes the scalp, prevents hair damage, controls pre-mature greying, enhances healthy hair growth, and nourishes. A 500-milliliter bottle costs $15.90.

Alicia B. says “I look for great products that promote healthy hair growth for natural hair. So when I read the reviews here and also online, I was curious. I just tried this today as a deep conditioner on my daughter’s hair combined with conditioner with a conditioning cap and let it stay on for an hour. My daughter has very thick cool hair and usually wash day is literally wash day. With this addition to her regimen, her hair was easier to wash and once I was done, her hair didn’t tangle like it usually does. I have never seen her coils so defined and hair felt so soft, but, her coils were loose. This oil works well and I could see myself purchasing more in the future.”

5. Vegan Serenity Natural Hair Growth Oil

Vegan Serenity Natural Hair Growth Oil

Vegan Serenity Natural Hair Growth Oil/

This Vegan Serenity Natural Hair Growth Oil is not only 100 percent vegan, but it also sources 100 percent natural botanical ingredients. Using a unique formula of hemp seed oil, black castor oil, and evening primrose oil, this mixture is rich in omega fatty acids and antioxidants. Great for promoting hair growth, preventing hair loss, moisturizing, nourishing, balancing scalp oil production, and even treating scalp conditions including dandruff, eczema, and dryness. This product is fragrance-free and alcohol-free! A 2-ounce bottle costs $20.00.

Zion Selassie says “I absolutely ADORE THIS PRODUCT! My locs are shiny and so soft to the touch! It’s the best thing for my natural hair care regimen! The ingredients are VEGAN so it’s perfect for my lifestyle too! I am very pleased with the results!”

6. Ayumi Detoxify Hair Oil

Ayumi Detoxify Hair Oil

Ayumi Detoxify Hair Oil/

This Ayumi Detoxify Hair Oil contains a mixture of ayurvedic oils including neem, — an antiseptic and antibacterial agent — brahmi, — antioxidant-rich! — shikakai, — natural cleanser — and tulsi and methi, — both of which stimulate and invigorate. All the oils work in tandem to purify and detox naturally. This oil will leave your hair and scalp revitalized, cleansed, and calmed. Along with Ayurvedic oils, Ayumi includes avocado and almond oils that are excellent for soothing itchy scalps! This product is cruelty-free, vegan, and tested by dermatologists. A 150-milliliter bottle costs $14.00.

7. Blue Nectar Ayurvedic Hair Tonic

Blue Nectar Ayurvedic Hair Tonic

Blue Nectar Ayurvedic Hair Tonic/

This Blue Nectar Ayurvedic Hair Tonic contains a mixture of eight ayurvedic herbs including almond, bhringraj, aloe vera, rosemary, and hibiscus, which are used to nourish your hair. This hair tonic helps to fight premature hair loss, decreases itchy scalps, boosts hair health, and can even be used as a light styling spray. Plus, this product is filled with calming aromatic scents without any harsh chemicals, SLS, mineral oils, or parabens. Non-sticky, non-oily, and can be used in addition to your shampoo for deep conditioning! A 100-milliliter bottle costs $13.95.

JKS says “Loving this easy-to-use speakable hair tonic. It is a great option fir those who might not like the oily feeling on their hair when using a hair strengthened. I use oil and this tonic interchangeably. This is great for daytime use and also for overnight as it won’t leave the pillow greasy. The tonic also smells really beautiful!”

8. Loving Culture Revitalizing USDA Organic & Vegan Hair Growth Oil

Loving Culture Revitalizing USDA Organic & Vegan Hair Growth Oil

Loving Culture Revitalizing USDA Organic & Vegan Hair Growth Oil/

This Loving Culture Revitalizing USDA Organic & Vegan Hair Growth Oil can be used without any guilt! It’s cruelty-free, Leaping Bunny Certified, vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and soy-free. On top of that, this hair oil is 100 percent toxic-free with zero fragrances, dyes, phthalates, petrochemicals, and parabens. Loving Culture infuses this oil with a mixture of fair trade certified USDA organic oils including coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, apricot oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, and eucalyptus oil. Plus, the mixture is also spiced with cinnamon extra and pepper extract. This product was designed to help revitalize, moisturize, nourish, stimulate growth, restore, and boost the elasticity of your hair.  On top of that, this product will help to thicken and strengthen your tresses! A 2-fluid ounce bottle costs $34.99.

Herbie says “This hair oil has done wonders for my hair! I wear my hair naturally and will straighten it occasionally. Whether I have it in a ‘fro or straight, my hair feels strong, my curls are defined, and the hair feels healthy and well-hydrated. I really appreciate that this product is all-natural as well so I don’t have to question the ingredients going into my hair. It also smells really good, too. I have a limited number of products that I use for my hair regimen, and this has been worth every penny. I have already recommended it to my girlfriends.”

9. Love Hair Story Nourishing Hair Oil

Love Hair Story Nourishing Hair Oil

Love Hair Story Nourishing Hair Oil/

This Love Hair Story Nourishing Hair Oil is all about the journey and love of your hair! This hair oil combines a unique mixture of nourishing and moisturizing agents including organic jojoba oil, organic sweet almond oil, organic virgin coconut oil, organic pracaxi oil, organic lavender oil, and mongongo oil. Great to put an end to brittle ends, tame frizz, provide deep moisture, and boost the overall health of your hair and scalp. Plus, this product is 100 percent natural, organic, vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, and Leaping Bunny Certified. A 2-fluid ounce bottle costs $35.99.

Pantea Sotoodeh says “I have naturally wavy and frizzy hair and this oil tames it all with no problem. It doesn’t leave me with an oily look and it adds to the softness that I get from their shampoo. The two products together have brought an amazing shine to my hair and I couldn’t be happier!”

10. HerStyler Evolution Argan Oil Serum For Hair

HerStyler Evolution Argan Oil Serum For Hair

HerStyler Evolution Argan Oil Serum For Hair/

This HerStyler Evolution Argan Oil Serum For Hair focuses on a powerful dose of argan oil as a base with secondary players such as aloe vera and vitamin E for an overall healthy body of hair. This serum helps moisturize, repair, and nourish all types of hair. Great for taming frizz, unraveling tangles, and restoring damaged hair to health. On top of that, you’ll be left with ultra-soft and strong stresses! A 2-fluid ounce bottle costs $11.99.

Angela Sher says “So I wanted to update my review since my hair has changed and I became a blonde — this lovely product used to soften my regular nondyed hair and make it silky smooth! It made it manageable and shiny and smelled oh so good. For my damaged hair, I found that this product didn’t meet the challenge and couldn’t cope with so much damage. I recommend Goldwell 7 effects instead which is more geared towards repair. I’m not mad at Evo since it doesn’t even advertise to help damaged hair and I still love the smell. It’s still an amazing product I use for thermal protection …’s just not perfect if you have very damaged bleached hair.”

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