As consumers, we have very little insight into what actually happens to make the packaged foods we see on grocery store shelves possible. From building facilities that enable a high-volume of operation to perfecting distribution channels and packaging issues, making amazing food is a lot more than the actual food itself.

This is something that entrepreneur Miyoko Schinner is extremely familiar with. If the taste of her food was the only thing she had to worry about in her career in the food industry, she would have likely been met with unbelievable success in her every venture. But, after three decades of stops and starts with different businesses, she’s learned that it all comes down to experience and timing. She has finally nailed these both with her latest and most popular venture, Miyoko’s Kitchen and she is setting her sights on taking over the gourmet vegan cheese category – before moving on to other, equally delicious sectors.

In a recent interview with Nil Zacharias on the #EatForThePlanet podcast, Miyoko dishes on what it’s really like to run a food company. She shares the stories of her past businesses and how their failures prepared her for the company she runs today. When it comes to things that could go wrong, Miyoko has probably seen it all – from not being able to fill orders due to production limitations to struggles with the worse possible investors, but nevertheless, her passion for creating gourmet vegan food helped guide her way.

Miyoko shares her stance on using the term vegan for her products and proclaims why companies need to be fearless in their beliefs in order to rise above the noise in today’s marketplace. She also shares insider tips about how to avoid the pitfalls she found herself in as a young food entrepreneur and the most important things that new businesses have to keep in mind in order to succeed.

To Miyoko, building a thriving vegan business is about showing people that they have the power to make choices that can benefit the environment, animals, and their own health – every single day – without having to compromise on taste or excitement. Eating is also a form of activism and Miyoko is blazing a trail for the future of food, built on a celebration of what it means to be vegan.

To hear more about how Miyoko hopes to change the world with delicious food, listen in!

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