Data guru Google announced today a new tool to help with climate change. Their product, Environmental Insights Explorer, uses available data to estimate building emissions and renewable energy options. With this data, cities can build policies and make better estimates.

The tool will launch first in Europe, starting with Dublin. In Copenhagen, Google will show street level air quality information. This air quality data shows concentrations of black carbon and particulate matter on each block. These numbers are affected by transportation and can be used for planning traffic routes. With building and transportation data, city leaders are able to see changes and potential changes.

This product is a collaboration with the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy (GCoM), an organization that focuses on how well cities are equipped to deal with climate change. Many of these mayors are at the C40 Summit discussing current strategies.

“Now we can bring Environmental Insights Explorer data analytics to conversations about transportation greenhouse gas emissions and show people the impact of supporting such programs to help start reducing emissions for our entire city which can help inform the debate,” says Chief Executive of the Dublin City Council Owen Keegan.

Google hopes this tool will also be valuable in city planning. Cities can recognize current locations where air quality is less than a goal, or create buildings based on prior emissions data. The possibilities are endless. But the impact of showing policy makers actual climate data on demand should become a valuable tool as city planners look to keep their climate commitments.

Cities that want to get the tool can sign up to get on the list through Google’s website.

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